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StemBANCC aims to provide well characterised patient derived induced pluripotent stem cell lines and associated biomaterials in an accessible and sustainable bio-bank. StemBANCC also aims to demonstrate proof of concept for the utility of induced pluripotent stem cells in drug discovery for hard-to-treat disorders.


CONCEPT: StemBANCC is a large-scale, 5 year academic-industry partnership in the area of stem cell research. It brings a consortium of 35 partners together who share their experience and collaborate in 12 work packages. It is a collaborative project between pharmaceutical companies, research institutions and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to exploit the rich expertise across sectors and enhance knowledge transfer between academia and industry for patient benefit.

MAIN OBJECTIVE: The main aim of the StemBANCC project is to generate and characterise high quality human induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell lines to study a range of chronic diseases (e.g. diabetes and dementia) and test for drug efficacy and safety.


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Recruitment & Reprogramming

Recruitment centres in the UK, Germany and Denmark
have recruited more than 80% of study participants.

The StemBANCC reprogramming sites have completed
the reprogramming of the first 100 donors' iPS cell lines.




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