Research Center in Growth and Signaling
24 Rue du Fg St Jacques
75014 Paris, France


Project leader

Dr. Raphael Scharfmann
Phone +33 1 44 41 24 76
Fax +33 1 43 06 04 43

Institute presentation

Raphael Scharfmann obtained his PhD in 1989 at University Paris VII, France. He next did a post doc at the Salk institute (1989-1991) and obtained a permanent position at INSERM at the end of 1991. In 1999, he obtained the prestigious Minkowski Award (for distinguished research in the field of Diabetes in Europe). He is now research director at INSERM within the Growth and Signaling Center (University Paris Descartes). The major objective of his group is to define intercellular signals regulating beta cell development in rodent and human.