Bioengineering Department

Royallieu Research Center, BP 20529

60205 Compiegne Cedex, France.


Project leader

Elias Zgheib

Institute presentation

UTC is a public institution specialized in science and technology.  It was created in 1972 as a new model in the French higher education system. This experiment aimed at bridging the gap between :

  • the elite school system (Grandes Ecoles) and the standard universities
  • the higher education institutions and industry

UTC’s main missions are education, research and transfer of technology.  It is well integrated within the European system of higher education and it has pursued, since its creation, an ambitious international policy.

UTC interacts with society and industry by anticipating the research's requirements of companies and by facilitating the professional insertion of its students, thanks to its educational values based on students' autonomy and its interdisciplinary research.

The UTC Chair of Mathematical Modelling for Systems Toxicology develops multidisciplinary research projects and teaching in at the interface between bioinformatics, biostatistics, mathematics and pharmacology or toxicology.  Our core expertise is Bayesian statistics, data integration, physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling and systems biology models of metabolic regulations.