The EuroStemCell website provides a range of multimedia resources and information about stem cell research and regenerative medicine, including fact sheets explaining key aspects of stem cell research, commentaries and videos from scientists, ethicists, patients and policy makers involved with stem cell research and a variety of educational resources to aid further learning for all ages.
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EuroStemCell have recently added a new video on induced pluripotent stem cells explaining how they were discovered and why they are important to the future of stem cell research. The video can be viewed here.


International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR)

The International Society for Stem Cell Research is an independent, non-profit organization that works to promote discussion and sharing of ideas about stem cell research. They provide a range of resources for public and patients including a downloadable brochure on "Stem cell facts".
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National Institutes of Health

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, provides an online resource on stem cell research that offers information on the biological properties of stem cells, the important questions about stem cells that are the focus of scientific research, and the potential use of stem cells in research and in treating disease.
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Produced by the Harvard Stem Cell Initiative (HSCI) the StemBook website provides free, open access chapters on scientific aspects of stem cell research which have been written and peer-reviewed by scientists working in the stem cell field. Most of the information is intended for the stem cell research community, but it may also be useful to the interested non-specialist with a good grounding in scientific knowledge.
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The Wellcome Trust

The Wellcome Trust is a charitable foundation that funds and supports a wide range of biomedical research both in the UK and at a global level. The Trust also produces a range of educational tools and resources. The Wellcome Trust 'Big Picture' online magazine special issue on 'The cell' contains a useful overview of human cell biology and an introduction to stem cells. Copies of 'The Cell' are free to download from here.

The YourGenome site, produced by the Sanger Centre in Cambridge (UK), is a good source of good source of information on genes, genomes and how they influence health and disease aimed at the non-specialist. The site also includes discussion of the social and ethical aspects of genetic research in humans.
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