29 rue Jeanne Marvig
31460 Toulouse, France




Project leader

Mr Guillaume Costecalde, Msc, MBA
Phone +33 6 11 34 28 30
Fax +33 5 34 31 68 16

Project staff

Dr. Vincent Fontaine, Ph D
Phone +33 1 60 87 89 32
Fax +33 1 60 87 89 99


Dr. Lucile Tran
Phone +33 1 60 87 89 32
Fax + 33 1 60 87 89 99


Institute presentation

Univercell-Biosolutions has coupled the potential of human hiPS and hES cells with cellular reprogramming and directed differentiation technologies. Together these innovations yield purified populations of specific human cell types for drug-discovery applications. Univercell-Biosolutions has developed Mesopure® to provide a pure (>99%) population of cardiovascular progenitors.

Univercell-Biosolutions works with clinicians, academics and industry leaders to develop next-generation homogeneous, mature, functional and differentiated human cells with physiological characteristics closely matching those of adult differentiated cells in vivo.
Univercell-Biosolutions’ goals are to accelerate the discovery of new therapeutics and to reduce the drug failure rate in clinical trials.


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