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StemBANCC aims to provide well characterised patient derived induced pluripotent stem cell lines and associated biomaterials in an accessible and sustainable bio-bank. StemBANCC also aims to demonstrate proof of concept for the utility of induced pluripotent stem cells in drug discovery for hard-to-treat disorders.

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Some StemBANCC partners offered to make genetically modified cell lines available to StemBANCC partners


List of modified cell lines offered by StemBANCC partners to StemBANCC partners coming soon


These cell lines are kindly made available within the Consortium but are not part of the StemBANCC project. Therefore, they are not covered under any of the existing agreements and exchanged on an bilateral basis. Please contact the provider of these cell lines directly.


No vacancies at the moment

StemBANCC recruitment update - 10/02/2014

The last couple of months have seen a steady flow of participants being recruited into StemBANCC with a number of clinic appointments scheduled over the next few months. Participants have been recruited to the following disease cohorts: Alzheimer’s, Neuropathy, Diabetes, Parkinson’s, Migraine and Bipolar. Sites who will be recruiting to the autism and schizophrenia cohorts are finalising their local hospital approvals and will be ready to consent participants in the very near future.  Participants have already been identified at some of these sites so it shouldn’t be long before getting the first participants in.

There have been 22 subjects recruited from the Oxford, UK sites covering the Alzheimer’s, Neuropathy, Diabetes and Bipolar cohorts. 15 subjects have been recruited to the Parkinson’s cohort and 3 subjects to the healthy cohort from Luebeck, Germany and to the Migraine cohort, in excess of 10 subjects have been recruited from Region H, Denmark.

StemBANCC recruitment progressing well - 12/12/2013

The recruitment at the StemBANCC sites in the UK, Germany and Denmark is progressing well for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Neuropathy, Migraine, and Diabetes patients. The recruitment for the other diseases of interest will commence in 2014.

Reprogramming started

iPS reference lines derived from adult donor fibroblasts (spanning a range of decades) are currently being generated and are expected to be availabile in Spring 2014.


StemBANCC reference lines distributed

Newcastle University produced some neonatal reference lines. These were distributed through the Biobank at Birmingham University to StemBANCC partners to start developing and testing their protocols.

StemBANCC recruitment to begin in Oxford

Following full ethics approval by the UK main research ethics committee (9th May 2013) StemBANCC has now been given full research and development approval to begin recruitment within the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust. Patient and healthy volunteer screening and recruitment will now begin. Oxford University are responsible for recruiting more than half of the required target of 500 recruits.

Well done to all who are involved in this process! We will keep you updated on how recruitment is going over the coming months.





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